About Us

We help brands protect their IP, build loyalty, develop trust, and engage with their consumers.

Consumer brand protection technology transfer

Advanced AI for smartphone authentication, traceability, diversion analysis, and consumer engagement

Let's collaborate

Brand-Armor will provide technology licensing, app development, integration services, dashboard analytics, training, sales support, marketing assistance, presentations, customized demos, and samples for a turn-key solutions agency.

How we work?

We work face-to-face with global authorized printers, agents, integrators, and brand managers to define objectives, build a roadmap, and facilitate testing of new technology.

Got support?

We support you directly from the technology provider via phone, web meetings, and in-person visits upon request.


Brand Armor offers patented unique brand protection solutions to intellectual property rights holders (brand owners), packaging firms, and integrator partners.

Anti-Copy Labels & Seals

Impossible to duplicate AI labels with chemical signatures, smartphone-readable, web-based apps, small footprint, scanned image monitoring, and traceability via dashboard geo-mapping.

Real-Time Protection

Advanced AI neural networks react in real-time to counterfeiter’s attempts to replicate our anti-copy security features, making sure not just to protect the integrity of the product, but also to discourage attempts to create fakes while collecting valuable data on the counterfeiters.


Intelligent web-based apps and mini-programs for social media and i-frame links to official webpages. We can also provide in-app notices and alert pages regarding real and fake items. We offer App Assist, a real-time chat support in any language managing valuable information for concerned consumers


We ensure less vulnerability with our solutions. We don't use outdated technologies, open-sourced items, downloadable apps, risky QR codes, confusing optical devices, or hack-prone sensitive data.

Our mission

To provide best-in-class brand protection features that save lives, dramatically decrease hard data collection of counterfeting activities, and support consumer awarness and engagement.

Putting A Stop To Counterfeiting.

Counterfeit products infiltrate the supply chains across the globe, claiming lives and causing harm and financial loss to millions of consumers each year. It is estimated that the scourge of counterfeiting will reach over 4 trillion US dollars by the end of 2022. We want to help brands uncover the truth about fake goods and assist with consumer awareness by integrating easy-to-use solutions to help consumers make intelligent decisions when purchasing their favorite brands anywhere in the world.